Jetnet provides a spam detection and removal service that operates on the server that can prevent the spam messages it detects from ever reaching your mailbox.

What is Spam?

The biggest problem with detecting and stopping spam messages is that everyones definition of spam differs. While I may view financial emails as spam, others would not. The server solves this problem by allowing each user to develop their own profile which is then used to evaluate each incoming mail.

Mail that is detected as spam will have 'SPAM' prepended to it's subject.

Spam Training

The profiles are based on analysing every email and categorising them as spam or not spam.

In order to develop your profile you need to correct the categorisation when the server gets it wrong. This process is known as training and is an ongoing process.

Statistics plays a role and the more training that you do the better the results will be.

How to Start

If you haven't been doing any spam training you should start by allowing all mail to arrive in your mailbox. This will allow you to see which mails are being categorised as spam and which are regarded as innocent.

For every mail that arrives you then have a choice to make

How to Train

Training is done by forwarding the relevant emails onto the appropriate email address. If you have chosen to use IMAP you can also train the system for missed spam messages by moving them into a special folder.

Messages don't need to be opened to be forwarded as they can be forwarded as attachments, which is our recommendation to avoid opening potential problem mails.

It's Spam!

It's not Spam!